By using the Eodnetwork application service, you can make multiple applications at one time. Our consultants will help you to choose the best programs, and the Eodnetwork Student Service Team will assist you to prepare and submit the required documents.

Once universities have received your applications, Eodnetwork will regularly report to you about which stage of processing your application is up to. We are responsible for getting admission information from universities and informing students of the admission decision online. Eodnetwork is also commissioned to receive your admission package from universities and deliver it to you. Generally, you only need to pay a minimum Eodnetwork service fee of $50. However for some universities we may charge $150

Application Procedure

step 1: Create an EOD network account

Step 2: Choose University & course

Step 3: Apply (preliminary) 

Step 4: Complete online application(after evalutation we will send you a full application link)

Step 5: Pay the application fee which is directly charged by the university and 50% of EODnetwork service fee which is 10% of your tuition fee.

Step 6: Track application status and get the result.

Step 7: If the university accepts you, we will send you a copy of admission letter

Step 8: Pay the remaining 50% of Eodnetwork service fee.

Step 9: Receive the original copy of the admission letter and any additional document sent by the university + further enrollment procedures from the university.

Top universities

Online & on campus

Shenyang Aerospace University

Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) is founded in 1952 and situated in Shenyang.


Ballsbridge University

Ballsbridge University is leading open international academic centre. Ballsbridge University is a self-governed community of scholars. The University Institution comprises of affiliated Colleges and affiliated Departments, Faculties, Schools and Professional Institutions located in several countries. BU focus primarily on Open learning, Online learning, Blended transnational learning, virtual learning through our virtual learning facilities.

Online & on campus

Institut Supérieur de Technologies(IST)

With more than 4,000 students spread over five 05 physical campuses and one virtual campus, IST have now become a community united by values that we share: rigour, openness, unity and excellence (ROUE ).

Online & on campus

Université de Lisala

Locate in Lisala,Mongala,DRC. UNILIS is one of the pillar public universities in DRC.